Worship Arts.



Worship Arts is about communicating the truth of Christ in creative and relevant ways. The place that Worship Arts has at Karis is to develop ways to engage and stimulate people, and to help provide an environment where the Holy Spirit is free to work in those who have come to seek God.

The purpose of the Worship Arts is to make God known through creative expression and technical relevance. The Worship Arts team is always looking for creative and technically minded people to serve in facilitating the needs of our Sunday worship program and other other creative needs of our ministry.


At Karis we love to give our members opportunities to grow and to invest in the kingdom of God. If you’re new to Karis or you’ve been around for a while, the worship arts ministry is a great place for anyone to get started doing both.

Q: I love Jesus, but I thought praise team was only for the young musical geniuses and technical wizards.

A: Not to us it isn’t.

We are built from the ground up to include you where you are. You don’t have to become perfect before you join. You don’t have to be under 30 either!

Our view on excellence is that it begins with our love and then extends to our musical and technical performance. Not the other way around. This means we spend a lot of time getting first things first. For starters that looks like setting up gear for each other, serving meals for one another, picking a team member up and taking them home after, treating each other to fellowship events, and serving the middle school, youth, and college teams whenever we can.

We believe our ministry is built on Jesus, and not on our servants. He’s who we persistently send requests to and refuse to play if He’s not there. (That means we don’t harass you if you need to rest for a season or if you have a work trip. Even if you are our best musician or our most committed technical guru.)

Q: Sweet! Can you tell me what else I might expect from serving on this team?

A: Totally.

When it comes to song selection, our preference is to support the text we will be meditating on corporately. We tend not to select songs based on what we are each experiencing individually, though those songs have their place. “Corporate singing is about the truth we are meditating on.” – John Piper

Our scheduling system is specifically designed for adult ministry. Nothing is last minute and nothing is forever. We know you have a class schedule that changes all the time, a work schedule that fluctuates, and family circumstances that shift things around. You can’t commit to being the full time bass player for the next 5 years and we aren’t asking you to be. Our scheduling is done month-to-month so you can serve wholeheartedly when you’re able to, and come up for air when you’re under water.

It’s OK to start in one position and move to another if you find that it’s not the best fit for you. In fact, we actively encourage that! We want you to serve where you are truly called and gifted. Even if that means supporting you when you reach out to the Children’s Ministry or another team. Sometimes finding your calling takes time. We’re patient and we love to be a part of believers finding their calling.

Though our scheduling and commitment style are more fluid than most, we are up front about what is required when you are on schedule. Being on time is considered late! In fact we charge $1 per minute that you arrive past the time on the schedule. (The proceeds go to a fellowship fund that we use for outings.)

All musicians are trained to play with a click track (a metronome that only the band hears in their monitors) and to sight read what is known as the Nashville Number System (info here). This means our music is charted much like orchestral score, but is simple enough for even beginner musicians to play along with. (This way we don’t spend hours “finding” the song in practice or trying to reinvent the wheel. Those who are gifted at arrangement are responsible for that ahead of time.) On the surface is seems so rigid, like no one cares about your ideas or wants you to improvise. The truth is we prepare so that we can be spontaneous. And feedback from one week improves the next week’s arrangements. It actually puts more value on your ideas and musical ability.

Our production team and our musicians are seen as one family of worship leaders. We spend an hour and a half together before every service preparing our hearts and enjoying fellowship over a meal.

By using a technology called Virtual Sound Check (info here), our sound team has the unique opportunity to practice their craft during the week even when the band isn’t there! No more learning on the job, no more last minute mixes. Just schedule a time with Sam in the JVC and practice your “instrument” just like the musicians can in their off-hours.

Q: Do I have to be a member to join?

A: Yes, but…

Our Sunday morning breakfast and bible study are open door and it’s a great place to check things out in person. You don’t have to be on the team or on the schedule to stop by. We meet in the praise team room at 9:30am every Sunday. On rare occasions we go off campus for breakfast so it’s generally best to contact us so we know you’re coming.

Q: What is the weekend time commitment for members?

A: That depends

There are two times we meet every weekend. Saturday 9:30am to 12:30pm and Sunday 9:30am to 1:30pm. Band members must attend both. Production team members may choose one or the other, or signup for both. That makes it a minimum of 7 hours per weekend for the band, and 3-7 for production.

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